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Risky Sneaky Public Tumble
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Risky Sneaky Public Tumble

2024USA Original
    A woman, Jennifer White, is doing laundry at a public laundromat when she realizes that one of her dildos accidentally made its way into her laundry basket! She's glad that no one's around to see the mishap but then becomes cheekily tempted. She sticks the dildo to a washing/drying machine and fucks herself with it, covering herself with clothes when she's almost caught by a passerby.
    But then Charles Dera comes in to do his laundry too and immediately knows what Jennifer's up to. Feeling bold and horny under Charles' gaze, Jennifer continues fucking herself on the dildo without shame until Charles offers to join in on the fun. They have raunchy sex right then and there, and don't stop even when a passerby catches Charles eating Jennifer out. But once that passerby is gone, Jennifer and Charles become hornier than ever, making the most of their scandalous romp.

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