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So Extra
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So Extra

2024USA HD 720POriginal
    As the sun sets on another day in small-town Wisconsin, Melissa, a hopeful actress, meticulously counts her tips on the coffee table while her boyfriend, Robby, storms into the room wearing an outrageous dinosaur costume. Both yearning for stardom, Melissa has been saving every penny from her waitressing job to escape to Hollywood and pursue their shared dream.
    Upon arriving in the glitzy world of Los Angeles, Melissa secures her first gig as an extra on an indie film set. However, her excitement quickly fades when she discovers the true nature of the production--a seedy adult film with a jaded director and a motley crew of stereotypical characters.
    Undeterred by the unconventional circumstances, Melissa throws herself into her role, despite being repeatedly misnamed by the director. Her talent and determination impress the director, earning her a prominent spot in the film. Yet, her desire to involve Robby leads to an unexpected turn of events when he lands a role in a scene far outside his comfort zone.
    As Melissa navigates the challenges of the industry, she learns that success in Hollywood often comes with sacrifices and compromises, forcing her to confront the harsh realities of her chosen path

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