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Immortal Love
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Immortal Love

2012USA HD 720POriginal
    Intense... Insane... Immortal.
    Porn for couples! After calling off her engagement, Madelyn is left alone and heartbroken in the adult film Immortal Love. She shuts herself in her high-rise apartment and finds comfort in her music. Soon, however, she begins to feel she is not alone. It seems that someone, or something else, has also found solace in her late night piano playing. After a shadowy figure saves her from some would-be attackers, Madelyn's suspicions are confirmed.
    She finds the courage to confront the mystery man but nothing could have prepared her for what she discovers. It quickly becomes a classic tale of good versus evil as their undeniable passion causes two very different worlds' to collide. Madelyn soon learns that it is not just her heart that is in danger, but her very soul. Can their immortal love overcome the odds or will it destroy them all?

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