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Baby Doll
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Baby Doll

1994USA 480POriginal
    Team of Fred Lincoln and wife Patti Rhodes fashioned this early starring role for Jenna Jameson, working for Sin City. It holds up pretty well thanks to its simplicity and a bit of style, on a low budget. Patti's script follows a traditional Hollywood success story: Jenna is an aspiring model about to give up when her agent (Marc Wallice) convinces her to keep trying a couple more weeks. She almost gets a gig for photographer Michael J. Cox, but he has to give her spot to another buxom blonde (Jasper) to please her man Gerry Pike. A happy ending is generated when Jenna lands a contract on the basis of the photos Cox took, and she rewards Wallice sexually, after steadfastly avoiding the casting couch till then. Lincoln skillfully stylizes the photo shoots of modeling, with white backdrop and everyone clad in white. Jenna and a strong femme supporting cast provide arousing XXX content.

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