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What Does This Button Do?
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What Does This Button Do?

2023USA Rus / Original
    Ike finds a mysterious keychain with a button and doesn’t know what it is for. When he starts pressing it, his stepdaughter Chloe starts moaning loudly, and as he approaches her room, he finds her masturbating wildly. When Ike confronts her about it, Chloe tries to pass it as a friend’s controller, but Ike knows he can take advantage of the situation. Turns out, nothing makes your bratty stepdaughter obey better than stimulating her pussy over and over again! Once the weekend has passed, and it’s time for school, Ike helps Chloe take the vibrator out of her pussy, but now Chloe has to remember to be obedient and properly thank Ike for helping her out.

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