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    Caprice and Marcello could have had the perfect weekend

    For little Caprice and her future husband Marcello Bravo, this trip to Paris was to be the most romantic of their lives. After Marcello finally proposed, all the elements were in place for a romantic getaway that would leave them with lasting memories. As soon as they arrived at their luxurious hotel room, the couple decided to use the place to spend time together. After a long and intense "reunion", the two lovers can finally enjoy a well-deserved night's rest.

    The next day, when Marcello wakes up late in the morning, he finds himself alone in bed. After looking for his wife all over the suite, he tries to reach her by telephone, but to no avail. She must have got up early to make the most of the city. But no one seems to have seen her, neither at the reception nor in the restaurant. Marcello knows his wife by heart and it's clearly not her habit to go out without leaving a message or turning off her phone. After confirming that no one in the hotel has seen her all day, Marcello decides to contact the police to report her missing.

    As he expected, Little Caprice had only been missing for a few hours, so there was not much to do immediately. However, one of the detectives decides to help Marcello by giving him the contact details of Clara Mia, a former member of the special forces who is now an investigator specializing in this type of desperate situation.

    An investigation at the heart of pleasure

    After retrieving the hotel's CCTV footage, Clara and Marcello discover that two strangers appeared outside the couple's room in the middle of the night and left with Caprice. Who are they, and why did Caprice willingly follow them? And above all, why didn't Marcello hear anything? Was he drugged?

    Clara quickly notices that the two strangers have a very peculiar tattoo. What's even stranger is that Caprice had the exact same one before she had it removed recently. Until now, Clara thought it was just another case of a lovesick woman on the run. Now she knows that the story is much more serious than it seems. What dark secret is the missing woman trying to hide from her future husband?

    Thanks to her informers, Clara soon discovers that Caprice's disappearance is directly linked to her membership of a high society group whose members go to great lengths to hide their membership. With Marcello's help, Clara has no choice but to infiltrate this milieu. For his part, Marcello discovers that his future wife may not have told him everything about her past life.

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