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Whitney, Desires of Submission
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Whitney, Desires of Submission

2022France HD 1080рRus / Original
    From fantasy to reality

    Sometime after discovering a world of pleasures she had never known existed, Tiffany Leiddi began writing a book to share her experience with the general public. Very fond of this kind of story, readers quickly turned the book into a real bestseller. It wasn't long before a producer decided to acquire the rights to bring it to the screen.

    When Whitney and Kristof, the couple chosen to carry the project, contacted Tiffany and Ricky, they tried to explain to them that as it was, the film could never be made. The facts related in the pages of her biography are far too explicit to be filmed as they are. For Ricky, the film will only be successful if Whitney, unfamiliar with Tiffany's experiences, really gets involved in the project. To do so, she will have to follow the same initiatory path of the author.

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