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Les Arnaqueuses
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Les Arnaqueuses

2006France HD 1080рOriginal
    Playing cards for money means a lot of money, and of course, where the money is always there, chic women who are ready for anything for the sake of these very rough pieces of paper, they will look in the eyes and confess their love, but in fact we know what they need, yes they need a lot of money and sex and only then they are happy, that's it !!!
    In this film, every scene is saturated with passion and lust, in every scene there is a game of feelings and passions, these girls are far from freshmen, most likely they look like experienced predators who know the habits of victims well, their victims are players, they completely dissolve in sex and indulge in joys for all 100%, sparing neither themselves nor their feminine charms, they frantically crash and tear all their holes on the British flag, if they suck, they swallow the very tomatoes, if they indulge in anal sex then their buttocks crack like sails during a storm Is it not r rmoniya winning and losing, when these girls next to the difference between winning and losing is erased in a single line, which invariably leads to ecstasy thoughts, feelings and passion !!!

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