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Pornochic: Avi and Lana
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Pornochic: Avi and Lana

2020France HD 1080рOriginal
    Avi Love: An American Girl in Paris

    Avi Love takes advantage of her stay in Paris to find Ricky Mancini one of his former lovers. A fan of submission games, Ricky has organized a special reunion evening. He simply asked the young woman to meet him in one of his many apartments. Once there, Avi discovers the gifts he left for her in the room. A bouquet of flowers and a blindfold. Following her lover's instructions, Avi undresses and places the blindfold over her eyes. Moments later she hears the footsteps of a man approaching and his hands caressing the slightest curves of her dream body. Simply dressed in transparent lingerie and the blindfold, Avi can only appreciate the softness of the gestures before her lover begins to caress her sex already wet with desire. Once these preliminaries are over and the blindfold removed, the pretty American girl can finally offer herself totally to her partner, even letting him sodomize her deeply as a proof of her affection.

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